Visual artist, born in Athens, Greece.

Currently working as an art director in a fashion brand based in Athens.

She took her Master degree in National Technical University of Athens, Faculty of Architecture, were she researched the concept of void in abstract visual arts. At 2013 graduated from School of Fine Arts at Painting department and during her studies went to School of Political Science and took two courses about 'Art and Politics' & 'Political discourse analysis'.

She uses a variety of mediums such as painting, video, digital tools, analogue photography, installation. Over the years participated in many group exhibitions, curated some and worked as a set & costume designer.

Collaborations // participations :  Coningsby Gallery_London, Uk_curator: Creamathens | RUM magazine _Germany | INSTITUT FÜR ALLES MÖGLICHE _ Berlin | Rotterdam, i love you _ as a partner _ NL  /|WORM_exhibition in Rotterdam_NL | TVcontrolcenter _project Reawakaning _ Athens / ΝΥΧΤΑ (2014) _ ΜΕΡΑ (2015) curator at Romantso _ exhibition _Athens /|Beton7 _ exhibition_Athens | Theatre Apo Michanis _ set & costume design _ Athens | Μacedonian Μuseum of Contemporary Art _ Inspire exhibition _Thessaloniki | Athens Concert Hall _ Research and Art exhibition _ Athens | National Museum of Contemporary Art _'Transhformation'_group exhibition _ Athens | Art Thessaloniki_group exhibition_Thessaloniki | Public Art Festival _NMCA_Athens etc.

Artist statement
'My artwork is based on the research of space, as it integrates through social, political and cultural issues. While I use a variety of mediums in each project, my research is consistent.
The idea of space and the way human perceives it, as an external factor or as an incorporated part of it, is the core for my work.
I currently work on how the concept of void and the process of grotesque articulates in my artwork and abstract art in general.'